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Rare owls saved by RSPCA animal rescue workers

More than 35 owls were saved by RSPCA workers as well as the Knoxwood Wildlife Rescue Center, according to the News and Star.

"When we arrived, the RSPCA were already there looking for evidence of what had happened. ...[The owls] have all now recovered but they were all very distressed. Several of the birds had to be in our wildlife hospital at Knoxwood for three weeks," Emma Scott of Knoxwood told the news source.

Scott, who runs the Knoxwood Wildlife Rescue Center with her father, George, said that some of the birds were British owls that are so rare they are sought out by collectors.

British owls include barn owls, tawny owls, long-eared owls, little owls, as well as short-eared owls, according to the World Owl Trust.

Another type of rare owl - the Turkmenian eagle owl - was in the news this month due to a birth of three little owls at the Cambridgeshire zoo, according to Cambridge News.

"The Turkmenian eagle owl is one of the largest and most spectacular owls in the world and is closely related to the large European eagle owl," said zoo director Kim Simmons.
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