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Recent Detroit rescue mission calls attention to tethering issue

The Michigan Human Society's Cruelty Investigation and Rescue Department recently investigated five cases of dogs that have embedded collars, chains or cables in their skin as a result of being tethered and unsupervised, Clickon Detroit reports.

The dogs were rescued and brought to the MHS Detroit Center for Animal Care for medical treatment and some have been adopted, including a German Shepherd mix named Cassidy whose embedded cable required a leg amputation, the news source reports.

Tethering is a serious and widespread issue that can leads to behavioral issues in dogs. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) website, long-term tethering can lead to boredom and frustration, which can often lead to aggression. The organization reports that while tethering for short periods of time in an animal friendly environment is fine, a dog that has been tethered its entire life is nearly three times more likely to bite than a dog who is not.

Animal welfare organizations can work to pass legislation to prevent tethering, such as the anti-chaining laws in 14 states including Texas, California, Connecticut, and Maine. 
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