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Recreational pilot and family part of Pilots N Paws

John Quimby is a recreational pilot whose family has taken up animal adoption, according to a recent report from Happy News.

The family takes part in Pilots N Paws, a program that pairs up pilots with pets that need rescuing, either from kill shelters or puppy mills. These pilots are able to fly to multiple locations and save the animals, transporting them to places around the country.

About 2,000 pilots take part in Pilots N Paws.

"Nowadays, there’s simply no justification for the expense. People refer to this pastime as the hundred-dollar hamburger syndrome - lying somewhere to have a hamburger and returning home," Quimby told the news source. "But these animal rescue flights have given me a purpose and a very good reason to fuel up my plane and go somewhere every weekend."

According to the organization's official website, Pilots N Paws is dedicated to provide a meeting place for those working in animal rescue organizations and for those who have means to an independent flight transport system.
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