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Rescue Bank coordinates large scale deliveries of pet food

Food packed for deliveryAt the beginning of April, ten volunteers from Rescue Bank and two "great truck drivers from NLT Transport" distributed approximately 72,000 pounds of dog food, cat food, and dog treats donated by Purina's Pets for People(TM) program to twenty-eight animal rescue groups. Groups received from 500 to 5,000 pounds each.

"We set up a vehicle waiting area, unloaded pallets from the trucks, processed groups through the gate (signed liability waivers, provided safety instructions, etc.), loaded them by hand or forklift, directed the recipients to a tie-down area, and checked them out the gate. From the first vehicle to the last was just at three hours," said John Kane of Rescue Bank, one of's newest charitable partners.

After distributing the food, volunteers remained "to police the area, finish paperwork and collapse," added Kane. "Lots of fun, actually, to hand out 12 tons an hour!"Pallets

Many pet food manufacturers have pledged to donate free food to the group, but paying for the actual distribution to the rescue groups and shelters remain Rescue Bank’s biggest expense. is stepping into this gap by supporting Rescue Bank's efforts through such programs as Gifts That Give More [tm] and "Click to Give" at The Animal Rescue Site.

"The impact of pet food banks on the rescue community is remarkable," said Elizabeth Asher, Executive Director of Rescue Bank. "Our member groups are better able to meet veterinary and spay-neuter expenses because we support their food needs."

Rescue Bank volunteers

Photos of food distribution courtesy of Rescue Bank.

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