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Rescue Bank moves their 97th truckload of pet food

By mid-November, Rescue Bank's program for distribution of pet food hit a new milestone: 97 truckloads delivered in 2011.

"The short story is that we are moving our ninety-seventh truckload of food today, taking us well over two million lbs into twenty-seven different states," wrote Barb Henderson on November 17.

Rescue Bank formed six months ago to facilitate the distribution of food donated by pet food companies, chain stores, and others. Each year, millions of pounds of nutritious pet food is removed from circulation because it is nearing expiration, has been re-branded, or may have been packaged incorrectly.

While many factories and stores are willing to donate the food, the cost of shipping pallet loads of product to the shelter prevented many rescue groups of taking advantage of these donations.

To prevent wasting this food, Rescue Bank arranges for collection and redistribution in truckload quantities to animal rescue groups all across the country. Food also may be used for pet food banks to help owners keep their pets.

Nearly 1,000 animal rescue organizations have received help from Rescue Bank so far.

Donations from's Gifts That Give More [tm] and The Animal Rescue Site's "Click Here To Give" program help Rescue Bank underwrite the costs of moving the pet food from store or factory to the shelters.

Rescue Bank distribution


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