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Rescue U begins 2012 in Guthrie, OK

Rescue U volunteers headed to in Guthrie, OK,  to finish the rebuilding of a tornado flattened shelter. Students from Delaware Valley College, Montgomery County Community College in Pennsylvania, the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University gave up their winter break vacations to help the shelter out.

A $75,000 grant from, made possible by the support of The Animal Rescue Site and Gifts That Give More, enabled the students to make this trip and paid for supplies and materials, including $10,000 for the shelter to use in the care and feeding of their animals in 2012.

When an F5 tornado hit Guthrie in May 2011, the Guthrie Animal Shelter suffered severe damage, including the complete loss of one building. FEMA funding helped pay for the major reconstruction, which was completed late in the fall. The Rescue U volunteers finished up the project in January.

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