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Rescue U heads to Kentucky in May

Approximately thirty students from three Kentucky colleges (Morehead State University, Eastern Kentucky University and University of Kentucky) and students from Pennsylvania's Delaware Valley College will take the next Rescue U trip to rebuild two shelters.  

The students are prepared to help  with repairing fencing, constructing roofs over outdoor kennels, building doghouses, raised beds, constructing outdoor enclosures, and a variety of other tasks intended to make proper animal care easier for the shelter workers.  This trip in late May will benefit the Rowan County Animal Shelter in Morehead, Kentucky, and the Menifee County Animal Shelter in Frenchburg, Kentucky.

As part of Rescue U trip, professionals will host educational opportunities for the staff of the Kentucky shelters as well as regional shelter and rescue staff.  On the May 26 Education Day, fifteen independent rescue and shelter groups are expected.  Education sessions will focus on rescue and adoption support issues including animal training and enrichment issues, temperament testing, animal transport law,  sustainable business practices, grass roots fundraising, web fundraising and social media,  hoarding investigation and disaster plans, grant procurement, and animal care product discussions. 

Local rescues and shelters are returning the goodwill with their own hospitality, helping to host a campsite for students as well as cooking for volunteers. 

Other members of the community are pitching in too. Local veterinarian Dr. Spencer will close her office so that she and her staff can help with building at the shelters and provide transport paperwork for the 35 to 45 dogs that will travel other states for adoption through sponsorship from Rescue U.  A local lumber company will provide large equipment for building projects.

To learn more about Rescue U, please click here.

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