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Rescue U heads to South Carolina

Rescue U students at January rebuild.The Rescue U program visits Chester, South Carolina, in January.  Approximately 30 volunteers will work for a week to improve shelter conditions and help with the animals currently housed at the county animal shelter.

The program, founded by Denise Bash, gives students interested in animal rescue a "hands on" opportunity to work on projects such as fixing chain link fences and plumbing, making dog beds, building kennels from scratch, cleaning the existing kennels, and enriching lives of the dogs in the shelter by playing with them and working with them on the leash.

“We are grateful to the Foundation and The Animal Rescue Site for their faith in the Rescue U program and for providing the majority of the funding necessary for this ambitious outreach trip,” said Bash. “Thanks go out to all of our volunteers and supporters who have gathered an amazing amount of supplies in preparation for the trip. We are also grateful to the Doylestown Animal Medical Clinic, Nylabone and Shelterlogic for supplying food, enrichment toys and shelter for the animals in South Carolina.” supports Foundation and other worthy animal rescue groups through the Gifts That Give More™ program at The Animal Rescue Site. To learn more, click here.

Update from January: students at Chester show off one of the shelter's dogs available for adoption. Photo above courtesy of Foundation.

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