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Rescue dog lightens the mood in government office

As Snohomish County Councilman Dave Somers headed home from work one day last year, a pickup truck pulled alongside him with a dog. Little did he know that the lovable pooch would become his.

USA Today reports on how Hewitt, the dog Somers saw more than a year ago in that pickup truck, has become the unofficial sixth member of the County Council in Everett, Washington.

Somers recalls two young men in the truck asking him if he wanted to buy a dog. He already owned three of his own so he declined. Traffic moved forward and he pulled up next to the truck again and this time they asked if he would take the pup. He took the terrier mix, worrying about the canine's safety.

Hewitt now roams the halls of the county's government offices, visiting with his favorite staffers, happily accepting treats and getting scratched behind the ears. After he's made his rounds he heads back to Somers office to settle in for a nap.

Every year, animal rescue shelters care for six to eight million cats and dogs, according to the Humane Society.
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