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Rescue organization takes care of big cats

Big Dad's Big Cat Rescue and Educational Center in Wisconsin has a few tenants who wouldn't necessarily qualify as your average house pets, but they're receiving the needed attention to grow and live in an interesting habitat.

The Wisconsin State Journal reports that Jeff Kozlowski started the rescue organization for large animals that many people may not realize need a home. He currently cares for four tigers, two tiger cubs and two lions. He does reaffirm that these are not his pets, as they are not like your average kitten or canine you would find at a rescue shelter.

The wild animals were taken in when they were still cubs, but have since grown to full size. The two lions were taken in from a private owner who was unable to care for them, while one of the tigers came from a zoo.

"They needed a place," he told the news source. "Most people don't think they do, but there is a big need for it . . . if they don't get taken in, they'll just get euthanized."

Kozlowski plans on expanding the rescue to help accommodate the animals that he's had to turn away, and is also lobbying state legislators to enact a ban on the ownership of big cats as pets.

There are currently no laws restricting the ownership of exotic animals in Wisconsin.
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