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Rescue puppy to undergo life-saving operation

Mila, an adorable beagle, will be flown to Utah to undergo a life-saving operation for her congenital heart condition.

According to The Las Cruses Sun-News, the precious pooch was surrendered by her owners in October and was thought to be suffering from heart murmurs. William and Linda Hart own a rescue shelter in Las Cruces, New Mexico, and heard about Mila's condition. They paid for her to be transported to their facility where she underwent further testing and soon determined she would need heart surgery.

The Harts contacted Best Friends Animal Society in Utah about performing the surgery, which can cost $20,000, and they began to immediately raise the funds to pay for the procedure and transportation costs.

"It takes a huge network of people to make this all come together," Hart told the news source. "[It's] one story with a good ending of thousands that don't."

Several rescue organizations, veterinarians and friends helped rally around Mila and raise the funds necessary for her to get the operation. After it's completed, she'll most likely remain with the Harts at their sanctuary for the rest of her life.

According to Pet WebMD, congenital heart conditions in dogs are hereditary and certain breeds are more susceptible than others.
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