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Residents in Idaho wage war against wolves

Idaho will allow people to hunt and trap wolves, which number about 1,000, until their population reaches 150, Reuters reports. The animals were removed from the endangered species list three months ago, making this the shortest period of time a species has gone from an endangered listing to being hunted for sport, according to the Humane Society of the United States. The plan was approved recently by the state Fish and Game Commission.

Ranchers and commercial outfitters say wolves prey on cattle and compete with hunters for elk, which caused the state to set hunting seasons for the canines as a way to reduce their numbers down to 150, which they see as a better balance to human interests, Reuters reports. This is the lowest number an animal can be at before it is considered endangered.

Despite the "wolf crisis" that many farmers are citing, one study by state wildlife managers shows that Idaho wolves killed 148 cows in 2010, out of the 2.2 million in the state. In addition, elk populations are up in most of Idaho's hunting areas.

Idaho is making it easier for the wolves to be hunted by cutting the price of wolf-hunting permits for out-of-staters from $186 to $31.75, the news source reports.  
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