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SNIP! Conference to discuss spaying and neutering

The Spay/Neuter Industry Professionals (SNIP!) Summit will be held at The Grove Park Inn from March 31 to April 2, in Asheville, North Carolina.

Registration has closed for the conference, which sold about 400 tickets within two weeks of open registration, according to the Citizen Times.

Spaying and neutering pets is one of the keys to ending pet euthanasia, the number one killer of healthy dogs and cats. The animal overpopulation issue is something that troubles many who care about the welfare of pets.

"The more that people look at what effect spay/neuter really has on intake [of unwanted pets], the more people know [that] without the capacity to provide spay/neuter in communities, we are never going to get population under control and to reduce the shelter overpopulation," Quita Mazzina, the executive director of the Asheville Humane Alliance, told the news source.

The Humane Alliance in Asheville is considered a national model in terms of spay and neuter clinics. The center is an expert in low-cost, high-volume practices and are also specialists when it comes to surgeries.

The SNIP! Summit will consist of 36 workshops and wet labs to demonstrate techniques, according to the official website.
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