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San Diego zoo celebrates two new animal births

A baby hippopotamus and a baby royal antelope are among the new arrivals at the San Diego Zoo, according to Discovery News.

On February 10, San Diego Zoo officials announced for the first time the gender of the baby hippopotamus - a boy named Adhama - born in front of a 100-person audience at the zoo on January 26, reports the Southwest Riverside News Network (SRNN).

Since then, the baby boy has been under the constant care of his hippo mother, named Funani, who weighs 2 tons.

"Fuanani is a great mom," Matt Akel, an animal care supervisor at the zoo, told SRNN. "She’s defensive, which is natural for a mother hippo protecting her calf, but she is slowly becoming more comfortable and coming into the barn."

Adhama is not be the only newcomer at the famous zoo. The birth of a tiny 17-ounce baby royal antelope was also announced on February 10.

Royal antelopes, also known as Neotragus pygmaeus, is on the International Union for Conservation of Nature's (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species, although it is listed on the website as "lower risk." Royal antelopes are the smallest type of antelopes, known to be shy creatures.
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