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San Francisco pet shelter reaches capacity

The San Francisco Animal Care and Control agency recently made an announcement that it has never made before: the animal rescue shelter is full and cannot accept any more dog surrenders, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

"It's something we haven't really run across before," Kat Brown, the agency's deputy director, told the news source. "People have to make these hard decisions about giving up a dog because they're either out of work, have to move, or can no longer afford to keep their dog."

The shelter has been accepting about 25 more dogs per month this year than they did last year, a sign of the tough economy, Brown told ABC News. The shelter is hoping that anyone who finds a stray dog can care for it for the time being, and can contact Animal Care and Control to try to find the canine's owner.

Dogs and cats alike are suffering as a result of the economy, according to the Chronicle. In August, the shelter went through a two-week stretch in which it did not find a home for a single adult cat. It was the first time in the shelter's history that had happened.  
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