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Sanctuary provides permanent home for rabbits

Mountain BoyMany animal shelters lack the proper facilities to care for pet rabbits. Luckily special rescue groups and sanctuaries step into help out the bunnies and provide permanent homes for those who cannot be adopted. One such group is the Rabbit Sanctuary in Simpsonville, South Carolina.

A typical resident is Mountain Boy, a rabbit retrieved from a shelter. The shelter staff had done the best that they could, keeping him away from the dogs and cats by setting up very large pen for him in the middle of the floor, but they needed the space.

At the Sanctuary, Mountain Boy and his two companions, Blackfeet and Sweets, live in Rabbitat I. With proper care and constant companions, Mountain Boy enjoys a safe life in his bunny burrow.

Other Sanctuary residents come from concerned citizens who find abandoned pets in their gardens or by the side of the road. Domestic rabbits, unlike their wild brethren, cannot survive easily in the wild and often come to harm very quickly after release. supports the Rabbit Sanctuary through the Gifts That Give More [tm] program featured at The Animal Rescue Site and other GreaterGood Network websites.

More Rabbit Sanctuary residents (all photos courtesy of FFA):


Mountain Boy (top left), Travis (above) and Milagro (below)







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