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Scientists make impressive discovery about crows

Crows are in no way endangered or threatened, but they sometimes put smaller, more rare birds at risk. New research shows that these cunning birds are smarter than previously thought, and plans to foil them in order to help animals threatened by them may need to be more clever, AFP reports.

A Japanese study found that the long-term memory of crows is so good that they can remember colors for at least a year after seeing them, the news source reports. In the study, birds that had identified which of two containers held food based on the colors of their lids could still perform the same task 12 months later.

In the study at Utsunomiya University, 24 crows were given the choice between containers with a red and green lid, which did contain food, and containers with a yellow and blue lid, which did not. Even after a year, the crows were able to remember which container stored food.

"It is not easy even for human beings to remember visual color information for a year," said Shoei Sugita, a professor of animal morphology who led the research, UPI reports. "Crows may be even better than human beings in a certain aspect of memory."
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