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Seniors, kids and puppies team up for a good cause

Young schoolchildren and seniors will work together to train the newest addition to the local retirement community - two 10-week-old black Lab puppies.

The puppies, Joanie and Godrick, are being trained to be guide dogs for the blind. The "Puppy Love Program" is a partnership between Atlantic Shores, the retirement community, and Guiding Eyes for the Blind (GEB), an internationally accredited nonprofit organization that provides guide dogs to those with vision impairment for no charge.

The puppies will be raised by two residents at Atlantic Shores with GEB volunteers coming in regularly to help train them. The program also includes children from Ocean Lakes and Corporate Landing elementary schools in Virginia Beach. The children will be learning a special curriculum about the services these puppies will provide to people and how to interact with guide dogs in the community.

The dogs' raisers will bring them into the schools regularly as part of the puppy socialization process and for a chance for the students to interact with them. The students will also get to follow the puppies' progress in training through a Puppy-Cam that projects shots of the dogs on an in-classroom TV screen. 
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