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Shelters combat "Black Dog Syndrome"

Animal shelters across the U.S. have noticed a disturbing trend in pet adoption - a large number of the pets that don't get adopted are black. Dubbed "Black Dog Syndrome" by many shelter workers, this issue exists largely because of superstitions and stereotypes portrayed in the media, according to the Associated Press.

While there are no statistics on this trend, shelter workers everywhere have their stories and reasons about it. Some people, whether they got the idea from an old bedtime story or a film, believe black dogs look menacing, according to Others believe black cats are either bad luck or are associated with evil, like witches and the devil, the news source reports.

In addition, it is hard to photograph black animals, which makes it difficult to market them online. Photographer Seth Casteel of Little Friends Photo in Los Angeles is launching a free, non-profit and national program to teach shelter volunteers how to take good photos of animals in rescue facilities, including black pets. The program also aims to give shelters ideas on how to raise money for quality cameras and photo editing software.  
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