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Should you date your pet before taking it home?

Searching for the perfect pet can be a lot like looking for a new significant other. New owners are looking for a pet that they can have fun with, commit to, and watch TV with. And though stepping into your local animal rescue shelter is an excellent way to meet and greet the pool of available pets, a few short visits aren't always the best way to find the perfect pet for you.

The Missouri Home Society has decided to give potential pet owners a little help in finding the right dog or cat for them by organizing pet speed dating nights, which allow animal lovers to spend a little bit of time with a variety of the animals available for adoption, according to

"Speed dating is a current way to get to know people and we thought we would apply it to the pet arena," Jeane Jae, director of communications for the Humane Society of Missouri, told the news source. "You never know who you'll meet or who your next best friend might be."

If you're considering adopting a new pet, but the animal rescue shelters in your area haven't yet hopped on the pet speed dating bandwagon, consider making a few trips within one week to see if there's a particular cat or dog who continues to tug on your heart strings.

Just don't wait too long to take your favorite home, because someone might snatch them up!

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