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Small town animal shelter gives hope for all

Although the economy is in a rut and animal shelters are struggling to maintain necessary funding and reducing their adoption rates, a pet food donation in Cherokee Village, Arkansas, has saved a local animal shelter from collapse.

Recently, the Cherokee Village Animal Shelter was unable to gain enough pet food donations for their facility, which forced the city council to pay for food to make up for the loss, Area Wide News reports.

Thanks to the efforts of local residents and by reaching out to neighboring towns, the animal shelter received an astonishing 6,000-pounds of donated food, and have now slowed any talks of shutting down the shelter.

However, because of the recent floods and tornadoes in the area, donations are in dire need at this time, the news source reports.

People interested in donating pet food to this animal shelter have done so at local thrift stores, clinics, churches and farms.

A local pet groomer, Bob Matselboba, has mentioned he has plans to start other fundraisers in hopes of gaining as much pet food as possible, the news source reports.         
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