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Springer spaniel chases bird off a cliff, survives 300-foot fall

When Lia Markwick and Stephen Winslade took Poppy, a 3-year-old Springer spaniel, for a walk on England's south coast, they didn't expect their afternoon to become so dramatic.

Most dogs love the coast and relish the chance to run through the sand and splash through the surf. Unfortunately, Poppy's enthusiasm for chasing seagulls got her into a little bit of trouble.

The canine was so focused on her pursuit of a bird that she bounded off a cliff and fell to the ocean, which was 300-feet below, according to

Miraculously, Poppy survived the plunge into the ocean. She was able to slowly make her way ashore, where a crew of Coast Guard authorities was waiting to make an animal rescue and take the shivering pup to safety, the news source reports.

If you have an energetic dog who is easily distracted, it may be wise to keep him or her on a leash in unfamiliar areas. Your pet may not love being harnessed, but until an animal explores an area,he or she may inadvertently enter into a dangerous situations.
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