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Students learn how to make homemade animal food

Members of the Salisbury High School Pet Project received a special treat when Debbie Eaglebarger taught them how to make their very own nutritious homemade pet food.

The Contra Costa Times reports that the students learned about nutrition and what foods they can feed to their pooches. Eaglebarger works with the Second Chance Pet Rescue and revealed that many items, including spinach, lettuce, raw meat, chicken and watermelon are all perfectly fine to feed to a dog.

Eaglebarger also spoke about the benefits of spaying and neutering, as well as the constant flow of pets being brought in for adoption. She said that the facility is getting crowded, but they are managing the animals.

She also told the students about the obedience courses that are taught at Second Chance, which include how to get a canine to respond to basic commands, such as sit and stay.

According to the Humane Society, every year in the U.S. six to eight million pets are cared for by rescue shelters.
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