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Study finds that cats communicate through different purrs

Is your cat trying to tell you something? Stereotypes suggest that dogs are more expressive than their feline counterparts, but a new study reveals that cats are just as communicative as man's best friend.

The study, conducted by Dr Karen McComb, a specialist in animal communication at the University of Sussex in England, found that cats actually have a variety of different purrs that can indicate when they want to be fed, picked up, taken care of or just given a little attention.

The sounds can help animals communicate specific wants or needs to their owners. In fact, McComb found that one of their purrs even incorporates a cry similar to that of an infant, which may explain why it compels cat owners to feed or pet their animals.

A loud purr, for example, might indicate that your cat needs something. "How urgent and unpleasant the purr is seems to depend on how much energy the cat puts into producing that cry," Dr McComb told the BBC.

Armed with the knowledge that their pets really are communicating with them, pet owners can listen for specific sounds that their pets might consistently use in different situation.
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