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Swans released at Xenia park in Ohio

Two Royal Mute swans were recently released at Shawnee Park in Xenia, Ohio, the Xenia Daily Gazette reports. Thom Sears, a wildlife connoisseur and owner of the Hole in the Wall Animal Rescue, released the swans, "Felix" and "Lilly", earlier this week.

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology states that Mute Swans mate for life, though a change of mates may occur in some instances. They further suggest that when a male loses his mate and joins a new, younger female, she will join him on his territory. However, if a male mates with an older female, he joins her territory.

Thom told the news source, "We've dedicated our lives to this. We try to share what we have with others. We love Xenia. The people have been good to us. I can't go anywhere without people asking about the swans."

Thom matched the swans when Felix was two and Lilly was just a yearling. He goes on to warn his neighborhood that they need time to acclimate to their new surroundings. Respecting their space will be the best way for residents to allow the swans a healthy transition.  
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