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The bad omen of being a black cat

Black cats are known as a witch's companion, a bad omen, and a symbol of the devil. All of these things are fictional, but they make some people pass them by when choosing which cat to get at the shelter.

Like black dogs, which also tend to carry an "evil" connotation, black cats have the lowest adoption rate of all cats and the highest euthanasia rate, as a result, according to It's All About The Cats, Inc., a rescue group in Orlando, Florida.

Superstitions are not helped by the fact that it is difficult to photograph black cats, making them appear less desirable than their brightly colored counterparts when prospective pet parents are browsing the adoption center's website, according to Milford Patch.

Lingering superstitions are no reason to pass by a loveable cat, the rescue group reports on its website. In fact, it may be more of a reason to adopt one. Many shelters across the nation are offering specials on cats in general and especially black cats on Halloween - but only for pet parents who want them for the right reasons.
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