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Toronto pet store promotes 'ethical' pet care

Many environmentally friendly pet owners fulfill their responsibility to Mother Earth with a little help from a plastic bag and a pooper-scooper. But one Toronto animal lover is kicking things up a notch by opening a pet store that examines the ethics of caring for a four-legged friend.

Ontario resident Marilyn Murray is the owner of a new pet store called For the Love of Animals, the Toronto Observer reports.

On the shelves, customers will find pet toys and accessories that are made with all-natural products in accordance with a set of environmental standards, and pet foods that come from free range farm animals and contain no chemicals.

"If I can promote the proper health and proper care, regardless of what the animal is, then that's what I need to do," Murray told the news source.

She added, "That's always been my dream - being able to supply things that are going to make a little puppy an extraordinary healthy dog."

Customers can find almost all of the animal care products they will need in For the Love of Animals - except for the creatures themselves!
"We won't even sell crickets," Murray said.

Earth-friendly pet supplies can include organic catnip, and toys and beds made of recycled material.
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