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Tracking device locates New Mexico cat in Chicago

Cat owners are likely to have heard about tracking microchips that can be implanted in their furry friends and activated in case their feline becomes lost. Though the chips are a nice safety feature, many people are hesitant to put a high-tech device in their cat when cranking a can opener will usually produce the desired result!

However, for Robin Alex, the owner of a cat with a case of wanderlust, the device enabled him to be reunited with his pet Charles.

When Alex was in New Orleans participating in Habitat for Humanity, Charles, who was being watched by a neighbor, snuck away. The cat made it all the way from Alex's home in New Mexico to Chicago before the microchip picked up his whereabouts, according to

Amazingly, the kitty was just fine despite his lengthy road trip.

"He needs a good brushing," an animal rescue worker told the news source. "He's got a little bit of a cold - a little bit of an upper respiratory infection - but otherwise he's in great condition."

The device typically implanted in pets is about the size of a grain of rice and employs radio frequency identification technology.
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