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Tripoli Zoo animals receive aid from IFAW

Tripoli Zoo LionThe Tripoli Zoo in Libya received critical help in September from the International Fund for Animal Welfare.

More than a thousand animals live in the zoo and IFAW’s support will help ensure that they have sufficient food and water.

“The situation in Libya is still very unstable but we’re doing everything in our power to help the animals caught in the middle of this crisis,” said Dr. Ian Robinson, IFAW’s Emergency Relief Director. “The arrival of this initial aid into Tripoli gives us hope and we continue working hard to establish long-term support for the animals.”

Extended power outages in the capital city disabled the zoo’s refrigerators earlier. Under scorching temperatures the existing veterinary medicine has been rendered useless. Not currently available in-country, these medicines are desperately needed. IFAW currently is working on ways to get these and other supplies into Tripoli.

“We thank IFAW so much for their interest and support of the Tripoli Zoo in this time of great need,” said Dr. Abdel Fattah Husin, Director of the Tripoli Zoo.

From the onset of social and political unrest in the Middle East last spring, IFAW stepped in to help the Tunis Zoo in Tunisia and two animal welfare groups in Egypt. In 2003, IFAW rushed a team of experts and supplies to the Baghdad Zoo and worked there for weeks to ensure the well-being and survival of over 400 animals including lions, tigers, brown bears, wolves, and primates. supports IFAW’s rescue efforts in the United States and around the world through the Gifts That Give More program at The Animal Rescue Site.

Photo from Tripoli Zoo, courtesy of IFAW

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