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Truckers help animals get across country to homes

Truckers across the nation are volunteering for Operation Roger, an organization that transports pooches across the country to their owners, The Oregonian reports.

"We're truck drivers," Sean Kiel, a trucker from Oregon told the news source. "We don't have the time to volunteer at anything else, really, so what we do is help animals."

Kiel is part of a network across the nation that transports pets to owners. Whether the family has moved and can't afford to fly the dog - which can cost as much as much as $1,000 - or the dog is being rescued from an abusive situation or brought home after getting lost. Truckers volunteer to let the dog ride with them along a route that is going in the same direction, the news source reports.

When Kiel made his first delivery - bringing a bichon frisé rescued from a puppy mill in Nebraska to its forever home in California - he realized the importance of his work when the owner broke down in tears.

"I found something that I didn't really expect, and that was the human side of this animal project," Kiel told the news outlet. "I'm like, 'Wow, I did something that really meant a lot to somebody else.' And that was a very, very cool feeling." 
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