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UK moves to ban wild animals from circuses

The United Kingdom Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs has announced that proposals the organization put forward will effectively bar circuses from featuring wild animals. Creatures such as elephants, tigers and horses are often part of circus entertainment, and the motion will hopefully save animals from abuse that regularly accompanies performance.

According to the UK government, primary legislation to ban animals from circuses will be presented at the earliest opportunity. Until that happens, there will be stricter standards for owners of traveling circuses concerning animal welfare.

"There is no place in today's society for wild animals being used for our entertainment in traveling circuses. Wild animals deserve our respect," said Animal Welfare Minister Lord Taylor. "We have said many times we wanted to ban this outdated practice, but before we could do that there were serious legal issues we had to consider."

Under the new welfare standards being put in place in the meantime, traveling circus environments will have to offer good accommodation and housing for animals, full veterinary care and strict rules regarding who has access to the animals.
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