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Ukraine government accused of killing dogs for soccer championship

Animal rights groups have accused the Ukranian government of using illegal and inhumane methods of killing stray dogs, the Associated Press reports. They say that the dogs are poisoned or injected with banned substances that cause them to die a long, painful death.

Some say that these methods are being used to quickly clear the streets of the canines in preparation for the Euro 2012 soccer championship that the nation will host next summer.

"It's a slaughterhouse," Asya Serpinska, head of the Ukrainian Association of Animal Protection Organizations, told the news source. "We are convinced that there is an unofficial order to purge Euro cities of stray animals so that, God forbid, some stray dog doesn’t bite some foreigner."

Locals told the news source that they had seen Grinkodon, a company the city of Kiev had hired to control stray animals, throwing things out of a truck. After they watched dogs die from ingesting pieces of sausage, they investigated and saw that they contained white pills, which were a human medication that is lethal to dogs. City officials deny the use of the drug, and other city officials deny other practices that have been called "barbaric" by citizens and animal rights activists alike.  
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