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VSPCA Takes In Distressed Birds

Once Cyclone Phailin had passed, workers for Visakha Society for Protection and Care of Animals took to the roads looking for animals impacted by the storm.

The local bird population especially was hard hit. In Srikakulum, teams found up to 2,000 storks grounded with various injuries.

Working with local veterinarians, VSPCA teams began the drying of these and other birds, keeping them warm, and bringing them fresh food.

After two days, nearly 1600 of the storks were ready to return to the wild, while others more critically injured were shifted to shelters set up by VSPCA.

VSPCA also continued their work to rescue parrots from local fortunetellers, bringing in Meech and Minkie (shown here) to recuperate and return to the wild as soon as it is safe.

The impact throughout the entire region from Cyclone Phailin was severe, with the rains and gale-force winds causing a wide-swath of destruction across Andhra Pradesh, where VSPCA operates. VSPCA expects to spend months helping people and animals in the region recover.

To learn more about VSPCA's work and how they are helping their region, visit the Gifts That Give More page at The Animal Rescue Site.

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