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VSPCA teaches humane dog catching technique

VSPCAThe Visakha Society for Protection and Care of Animals (VSPCA) and ABC India have launched a Humane Animal Handling Program which teaches local dog catchers how to use the safer butterfly net catching system rather than the standard pole and noose.

State employees plan to use this new system when catching street dogs for vaccination and neutering.

VSPCA leaders expressed a hope that this program will become  an effective role model for other states in India.

Earlier this summer, VSPCA began coordinating a vaccination program in Andhra Pradesh following an outbreak of rabies. So far VSPCA has successfully vaccinated 12,000 dogs at a cost of $1 each, but there are many thousands more still to be vaccinated. supports VSPCA's efforts through the Gifts That Give More program at The Animal Rescue Site.

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