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Vital animal rescue after the Pakistan and India floods

Girl feeding water buffaloIn September, the monsoon rains created floods throughout Pakistan's Sindh province and n Orissa, India. The International Fund for Animal Welfare responded to requests for help from local animal rescue groups and aid organizations, providing funding for the delivery of feed, veterinary medicines, and plastic sheets for temporary shelters.

Many families attempted to evacuate with their farm animals, creating a huge need for assistance at the camps set up for flood victims. Local aid organizations also reported seeing stranded animals throughout the impacted areas, often trapped by rising rivers, unable to reach food or shelter.

Saving these animals makes an enormous difference in the future of the families in the region.

"The animals in Pakistan are such an important part of the culture and family’s well-being: farm animals help plow the fields, chickens provide eggs, goats provide milk and cheese, and dogs provide security – so it only makes sense for us to step in and address the animal needs," said Dick Green, IFAW’s Emergency Relief Manager For Disasters.

Working with such groups such as RAVI Foundation in Pakistan and a collaborative Emergency Relief Network (ERN) in India, IFAW initiated feeding and care operations for thousands of impacted animals.India, Sept 2011’s overall donations to IFAW’s worldwide efforts to save animals topped $1 million in 2011. This support was made possible by The Animal Rescue Site's "Click Here To Give" program and Gifts That Give More [tm].


Photo of girl feeding water buffalo in Pakistan and IFAW teams carrying in supplies in India are courtesy of IFAW and used with their permission

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