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Volunteer saves squirrels injured from Hurricane Irene

When Hurricane Irene caused widespread damage along the East Coast in late August, wildlife was affected, too. In Northern Virginia, hundreds of people came together to save the squirrels - many of them babies - that were thrown from trees as the storm ravaged the area, The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) reports.

Patti Hoffman, administrative assistant at the HSUS, took 156 calls in three days to the hotline at the Wildlife Rescue League of Northern Virginia where she volunteers. People calling in were trying to rescue baby squirrels that had been tossed from the nests they were recently born into.

According to the news source, squirrels generally nest for the second time of the season during August and September, meaning that around the time Irene hit, many had just birthed their young.

The Wildlife Rescue League of Northern Virginia has a hotline that people can call if they see wildlife that is injured or in need of human assistance, according to its official website. Responding to calls about the squirrels required a huge network of transporters, veterinarians, wildlife rehabilitators and other volunteers who came together to make sure the baby animals were fed enough and kept warm, Hoffman said.
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