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Washington Humane Society reports on recent animal rescue cases

The Washington Humane Society regularly reports on the cases that it has overseen and it recently released a new list of incidents that occurred in the past month, according to the Washington Post.

Cases included birds who were rescued from the 10th floor of a building, a rattle snake that wandered into an apartment complex, a dog that was hurt during a case of domestic disagreement, as well as rescued dogs from the Alabama tornado zone.

The Washington Humane Society has done much in the past decade to improve animal well-being. "In 2001, after years of upholding and enforcing District animal cruelty laws, WHS was successful in its campaign to make animal cruelty a felony level crime," states the WHS, according to their official website.

According to Humane Society statistics about household pets, there are more than 93 million cats and 77 million dogs living in homes throughout the country.
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