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Washington man known for rescuing felines

Ben Roberts of Puyallup, Washington, spends much of his time up in a tree. The arborist and firefighter is known in his community for rescuing cats who have one way or another become stuck in the highest branches, according to The News Tribune.

Roberts has been rescuing felines from trees for five years, and has never once lost a cat in the fray. That's not to say that he hasn't faced challenges while trying to coax a kitty down from it's perch.

Roberts told the news source of one incident involving a cat that was frightened of Roberts. The cat backed away from him and eventually jumped from the tree, landing on a car windshield 70 feet below. Fortunately the feline survived the jump and was returned to his or her owner.

Most recently, Roberts rescued a kitty named Puff Puff from a 115-foot fir tree. He brought the animal back to its guardian, 8-year-old Breslen Taylor, who was so frightened of the height the man had to climb to save the cat that she had to hide her eyes during the operation.

Roberts is listed on a website for cat rescuers, 
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