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Wheelchair for dog, with the help of Home Depot

Robert Garrett, 63, was so determined and loyal to his dog, Patch, that when the canine's hips gave out, Garrett went to Home Depot and built a custom wheelchair for the 14-year-old American Staffordshire terrier, according to

"He’s a regular Ben-Hur!" said Garrett, who had the help of a master plumber and two Home Depot supervisors.

Garrett had initially looked online for carts that would suit Patch, who had not walked on his own for about 3 months. However, for the retired logger who is himself disabled, the cost of a $350 to $500 cart was too expensive.

Garrett decided to design and make a custom wheelchair for Patch on his own. Zach Woodford was one of the Home Depot supervisors and said that they used plumbing parts to piece together a cart.

The final cost? About $15.

Garrett and Patch can now resume their walks together and even though the owner knows that the dog does not have many years left, he is extremely thankful.

"He's everything to me," said Garrett.

Hip problems can affect humans as well as dogs and cats. Some of the factors that could lead to the condition include genetics, nutrition and exercise, according to 
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