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Why Is "Cat Bearding" All The Rage?

You can't help but take a double take and think, "Did I see what I think I saw, was that a someone with a cat beard?!" Well don't think too hard, because NO, you aren't seeing things!

The newest internet craze, cat-bearding "started at Tumblr when someone posted a photo of their fluffy cat lying back on their chest up to their face," explains CatBearding.com. "This selfy looked like the cat was the guys beard. After posting it on Tumblr and Instagram it gained some audience but after a few months, social media like Facebook and Twitter began to go crazy over this new cat bearding meme." And it's all history from there!

But we mustn't forget all those dog lovers!  After the cat bearding craze hit the fan, you guessed it, pooch pals have struck back and have started a dog bearding following... though much to their dismay, not as many have gone ga-ga over their four-legged friends' beard photos.


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