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Wolf-dog may go to sanctuary after abuse

The owner of a wolf-dog hybrid breed in South Carolina was charged with animal cruelty for keeping the canine in cramped, unsanitary conditions and was also charged for his failure to inoculate the animal against rabies, The Island Packet reports.

Now the dog, Shadow, may now be relocated to a wolf-dog sanctuary in North Carolina called Full Moon Farm, where abused or refused canines are brought to receive love, respect, shelter and care, according to its website.

The dog's owner, Nick Turner, did not contest the charges that cost him $2,185. He told the court that his financial misfortune had made him unable to properly care for Shadow, which had resulted in the dog living in a feces-lined 8-by-10-foot pen, eating moldy food and contracting hookworms. In addition, the dog was severely underweight.

Turner was not given a a jail sentence because the judge did not want to prevent him from working. Shadow has been taken into custody by the county, which plants to transport it to Full Moon Farm. According to its website, the pet rescue sanctuary has nearly 100 dogs that have a pure wolf ancestor within their past five generations.  
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