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Wolves still considered endangered animals in Wyoming

The recent move by Congress to remove wolves from the endangered species list has not yet included the state of Wyoming. However, both the governor of Wyoming, Matt Mead, and the Interior Secretary, Ken Salazar, are in the process of having wolves taken off the list in that state.

"I am hopeful that we are close to an agreement with the [U.S.] Fish and Wildlife Service to move a proposal to Congress. I continue to believe that wolves should be delisted and a proposal should move through Congress, preventing litigation. Otherwise, Wyoming loses as wolf numbers grow and more big game and livestock are killed," said the governor of Wyoming.

Several environmental groups have been come out against Congress' move, which they see as direct interference with what the Endangered Species Act was supposed to do - protect animals and wildlife populations.

However, according to a new report from the Wall Street Journal, Katherine Magu-Ward writes that "the Endangered Species Act is a law written by humans and used for human ends." Often, both sides of the argument around endangered species have blamed the other for their political agendas.
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