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Woman advocates for anti-chaining in Tennessee

Moving from California to Tennesse, Rebecca Helwig couldn't help but be concerned about the lack of laws regarding the tethering or chaining of dogs, the Tennessean reports.

"There are four states in the country that have anti-tethering laws, and California is one of them. To go from California, where dogs have rights of their own, to Tennessee, where they have no rights and are considered property, I was shocked and horrified at how these animals were treated," she told the news source.

She decided to get involved with the organization Dogs Deserve Better and now is the Nashville representative for the group. She works about six hours each day responding to phone calls or emails from concerned neighbors about dogs that are tethered or neglected. When she goes to talk to people who tether their dogs, half are hostile and half are nice, she explained to the publication.

Statistics show that one in four dog bites are from dogs that have been tethered, she told the news outlet. This is because dogs are naturally pack animals and don't get enough exercise or socialization when chained all the time. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals reports that tethering can also cause a collar to become embedded in a dog's skin or strangle it.   
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