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Woman buys a full page space in a newspaper to mourn cat’s death

Wanting to honor the death of her pet cat, 77-year-old Luciana Matalon bought a full page space in Corriere della Sera, one of Italy’s leading newspapers, reports The Independent.

A successful artist, Matalon spent tens of thousands of euros for the large newspaper tribute to Sky, her former feline companion. The page featured a smiling Matalon with her written thoughts and sketches of Sky.

"The universe is listening to the huge silence; the world has switched off," read Matalon’s Italian words on the page. "Today my magic cat Sky was kidnapped by a neutrino adrift in galactic space."

Matalon told the source that everything she’s created artistically in the past 15 years was inspired by and dedicated to her cat Sky.

It’s not uncommon for pet owners to spend large amounts on their animals, both for necessary items and luxuries.

The American Pet Products Association reports that there are currently 38.9 million cat households in the United States out of 72.9 million homes that have pets. In 2010 alone, people spent $48.35 billion on their pets for things including grooming, food, vet care and medicine.
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