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Wonderful cats in Merced County are waiting to be adopted

Many cats are up for adoption and this time of the year is often the busiest for many animal shelters throughout the country. The Merced County Animal Shelter has seen a surge in the number of cats available to be adopted, according to a recent report from the Merced Sun Star.

"Kitten season is just starting, and it's not too bad yet [sic] because everyone wants a cute, cuddly little kitten," Kristi Caseri, of the Merced County Animal Shelter, told the news source. "When it gets going good, we will be euthanizing a lot more cats every day."

Caseri explained that many cats are euthanized when no adopters volunteer to take them home. Not all animal rescue centers have no-kill policies. Thus, it is crucial for families looking into welcoming a new cat to first seek out potential matches through an animal rescue center.

There are more than 93 million household cats in the U.S., according to the Humane Society. The number exceeds that of dogs because there are often more than one cat per household. 
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