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World honors, says goodbye to oldest dog on record

After 26 happy years of life, Pusuke, the world's oldest dog, passed away this week at his home in Sakura, Japan, The Huffington Post reports.

The male cross-breed dog was recognized in the 2011 Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest dog across the globe, gracing Yukimo Shinohara with his presence since April 1985, the news source reports. The dog's age places it somewhere between 118 and 185 years old in dog years.

Shinohara told her local news agency that Pusuke died peacefully just moments after she returned home from a walk, ABC News reports.

"I think (Pusuke) waited for me to come home," she told the source.

She reported that the dog had been eating well and had been staying active until Monday, when he lost his appetite and started to have trouble breathing.

Before Pusuke, a 28-year-old Beagle from the U.S. held the world record, although it died in 2003. The oldest dog to have ever lived was a 29-year-old sheepdog in Australia, The Huffington Post reports.  
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