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World's smallest horse born in New Hampshire

Animal rescue proponents and those who adore animals of every size are likely to go crazy for a horse that was born in New Hampshire last week.

The stallion, named Einstein, may now be able to claim the title of the smallest horse in the world.

"I have been at this for 20 years plus but I have never seen one this tiny or even close to it," breeder Judy Smith told Sky News.

Einstein weighs just six pounds and stands a mere 14 inches tall. However, the pinto shows no signs of dwarfism and instead looks like a regular pint-sized pony.

"From the head to the legs - the length, width, height - everything is just beautiful about this little horse," Smith told the news source.

Einstein may edge out his competition for the world record holder by a nose. The colt who is currently considered the tiniest in the world is Thumbelina, a mare that weights nine pounds and stands 17 inches tall.

Those who like to donate to animals can visit Thumbelina's website and offer money so she can thrive.

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