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Yellowstone oil spill concerns local authorities

A recent oil spill in the Yellowstone National Park area has concerned local park officials in regards to the wildlife, NBC-affiliate KULR-8 News reports.

The International Bird Rescue team surveyed the waters of Yellowstone in places of high oil content. Although some birds were found with oil on their feathers, the rescue team assured the news source that the cases were of little risk to the animals.

Oil spills may disable a bird's ability to fly from predators, as its feathers can become sticky and heavy, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority reports. Birds may also experience hypothermia, loss in body-weight and loss of appetite.

The rescue team does not solely maintain the safety of birds. Plants are also being examined, and the team managed to rescue a snake that was affected by the oil spill, and then release it back into the wild.

Although critical cases weren't found, this was no walk in the park for the International Bird Rescue team. "It's hard to take care of your feet. A lot of it's walking in rubber boots. It sounds silly, but the biggest thing really is to take good care of your feet and to keep mentally sharp," Duane Titus told the news source.
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