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Young bald eagle rescue in Delaware

A bird rescue center near Newark, New Jersey, has taken on a new visitor - a young bald eagle that was rescued from the Delaware River on July 4th, the Times Union reports. The eagle was found by natural resources officers in Delaware floating on the river.

Astoundingly, the bird was discovered alive, but with significant foot injuries that would have made her survival in the wild nearly impossible. The animal rescue team that took her in, named the Tri-State Bird Rescue, is currently trying to place her at a zoo or wildlife educational facility, according to the new source. The rescue team noticed that she was dehydrated and thin

Dr. Erica Miller, a Tri-State veterinarian, told The News Journal that the eagle was "building up her strength and eating well, and she can stand and perch normally." The bird was seen floating with its stomach up, wings spread, on the surface of the river. Workers estimated that she was only 4 to 18 weeks old, the news source added.

As she is very young, the eagle will likely do well in captivity, according to the Times Union report. Bald eagles were first placed on the endangered species list in 1967 and then were removed in 2007. Delaware alone reported an estimated 39 bald eagle breeding pairs in 2006.
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