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Zoo keepers help animals adapt to wintertime temperatures

Zoos allow animal lovers to get a glimpse of beautiful creatures who are native to faraway lands.

However, because it can be difficult for animals to adapt to the sights, smells, sounds and temperatures of a different climate, zoo keepers must often make special efforts to help animals feel comfortable and at home in their new environs.

Some of the large and beautiful cats that hail from Africa, can only be allowed outside if the temperature is higher than 20 degrees, according to

To save animals that are kept inside from the winter doldrums, the zoo staff will often play games and interact with their furry friends to keep the animals active and engaged, the news source reports.

Though exotic pets have a special set of needs, even man's best friend might need a little extra care in the winter time.

Dalmatians, for example, need to remain active in the winter months, but
have a very light coat that leaves them susceptible to cold. Owners should aim to take their spotted pooch out for frequent exercise sessions, but make sure that they are never exposed to the cold for too long.
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